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Subjects twirling on twitter. Take  it as gossip. I thought you’d think twas interesting


Voodoo Claims on a radio show that he was “with” Lindsay Lohan while her father slept downstairs..  Michael Lohan says ( in the NY Post)

“Another worm crawling out of the woodwork trying to get some publicity,” said Lohan, vehemently defending his daughter’s honor. “Lindsay would NEVER stoop to the level of this neophyte [the lowest form of living organism on earth]. Sad, very sad. I pity him… To begin with, not at ANY time that I was with my family or Lindsay at our home, or anywhere, did I go to sleep before my children did,” said Lohan. “I’m a light sleeper. I would never be asleep while my kids were in the house and awake. Or allow any man/male and especially a sleazebag, alone with Lindsay. Can you imagine ME, Michael Lohan, of all fathers, allowing my daughter(s) to be alone with any guy while I was present? Ha ha!”

Tera Patrick had a baby girl! Congrads Momma! The Daddy is Tera’s boyfriend Tony who works in mainstream movies in special effects. Tera looks just as gorgeous as ever.



Tucker Slain is back in LA Trying to get work under a new name- Nate Battle


Tay Stevens has a new set of gorgeous pics up featuring her big boobs

And yes I am aware of, and know all about the swirling rumors & gossip surrounding Raven Alexis. I do have a lot to say on the matter. I have been keeping quiet for months. It’s been bothering me equally as long. It is a very tough situation no matter which side you believe. I will talk soon. Just trying to get some more facts.

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