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Twitter Wars- Jenna Jameson & Tito Ortiz

OP/ED by Cindi Loftus

This has to be considered Gossip & Rumors & My Interpretation. Tweets may not be in order.  Read thru and see what you think…

Back Story- Tito & Jenna have been together for over two  years and have two gorgeous twin sons. They are not married. I believe Jenna is still fighting with Jay for a divorce. Tito & Jenna’s relationship has been rocky with accusations of domestic violence & drug addictions. They have separated  a few times, but always get back together.

There is a side story here too about Tito bailing out (for $500,000)  an ex manager of his who allededly hired a hitman, but this would make everything more confusing so go here if you want to read about that )  AND another side story, Tito got in a scuffle with another fighter, Matt Mitrione, over things Matt said about Jenna.

But anyway, Tito has a big fight vs. Ryan Bader, UFC 132 in Las Vegas in July. And while the 36 year old fighter should be in full on training mode, he is spending a lot of time fighting with Jenna, on Twitter. And if this is going on in public view on the web, imagine what is going on behind closed doors…

Some of Tito’s Tweets & responses from his fans-

Funny to hear from @jennajameson ex husband. Damn lies can hide a lot. Well at the least I got two beautiful boyz and a broken out of it! RT @wickedarmstrong (Brad Armstrong): @titoortiz I’m tryin to stay quiet for the kids + cause I don’t really know u that well. But yes I know ur pain. I almost warned u that nite.

Not nuts just done with the lies and deceit. The hand I was holding was bring me down now a will let go.

Ok im done talking about this shit. I found some shit out that happen from a few friends. First time my bad ,second her bad ,third I should of believe the first time. Will find someone who respects and supports me. Life will go on! I will stay strong.

no sick of being treated like shit with no support. U get to read half the shit I go though.

I know huh.RT @_VicVicVictoria: @titoortiz u put up with A LOT from this chick. Obviously u love her & ur kids to endure this constant bashing but enough is enough! Geeez!



Some of Jenna’s  tweets & responses from her fans-

Once again, I love my kids and they are my main priority. Talking smack on twitter seems insane when life is more important

I want the real @titoortiz back. He used to be loving, I get how a lot of you think I’m garbage, but he’s me babies daddy, and I love him

januaryseraph -Most awful flame war going on right now? @titoortiz vs @jennajameson It’s pretty much a one way fight, Jenna’s taking the high road.

I was in Vegas for 2 days with my gay make assistant. Tito is my man, so all you losers trying to be dumb.

 swtrgrl -You deserve someone who doesn’t disrespect you. It doesn’t do anything to help your homelife (ie: kids) when you’re treated so

ExpensiveBlonde (Shana Burroughs)-Congrats to me! I stole @jennajameson from @titoortiz because I’m a ho! Fuck Tito Ortiz! Bring It! At least I’m clean!

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