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Twitter Wars-Jessie Jane & Bibi Jones

OP/ED by Cindi Loftus   thanks M

NL-This has to be considered Gossip & Rumors & My Interpretation. Tweets may not be in order.  Read thru and see what you think…

I tried to  leave this one alone thinking it would blow over quickly, but it’s now going on month #2, the fight is still happening  and I am getting tons of tweets and emails asking about it, so here is what i’ve heard-

Back story- Bibi Jones ( previously know in porn as Britney Beth) was brought to Digital Playground by Jesse Jane. DP signed her. While doing a scene for “The Fighter” Bibi says Jesse was too rough on her, bruising her and causing her to have a welt on her head from hitting her head on the concrete.

The Twitter war began.

Then Jesse was supposed to appear on Howard Stern to promote Digital Playground, and for some reason Bibi was sent instead causing more in-fighting.

The drama did slow down and some tweets were deleted when DP Boss stepped in, but that didn’t last. A review on on DP’s movie Assassin praising Jesse & Bibi, (but especially Bibi) refueled the fire. Here is part of the review that I think caused some of the arguments-

I am extremely impressed with BiBi Jones. I think that Digital Playground hit a grand slam when they signed her. I definitely hope my initial impression plays out and that she has a long, fruitful, and passionate career.

The mildness of two of the sex scenes (Two and Three) cause this release to earn a “recommended” rating using my all-sex and gonzo scoring system. However, I really enjoyed Assassins (and BiBi Jones, in particular).***

 NL-Several people have told me that Jesse tweeted she was leaving DP in September when her contract is up, but i did not find that tweet.

 AND Here are some of the tweets-


NL-And the saga continues… makes you want to see the Fighter & Assassins, doesn’t it?

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