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Twitter’s Vine App Turns Foul! #dildoplay




Recently Twitter released a sexy (figuratively and literally) video sharing app that’s gaining notoriety for unwanted reasons. Any time new technology is paired with video, who can guess the out(cum)? It should be pretty obvious – B( . )( . )BS!!


Some are calling it the “instagram of video”. And though some nudity is accepted on twitter, people were taking it to shocking extremes when this new app called VINE hit the market. The app, like twitter, limits the amount of content one can post (140 characters, 6 seconds of looping video). These are basically live .gifs being filmed on the fly. As you can see in the image below, twitter fucked up LARGE with the release of this app. I bet someone got fired for that “Editor’s Pick”.

Shocking Extremes


This obscenity obviously got people talking about the app, and I suppose any press is good press, right? That “editor’s pick” above made it to EVERY users home screen when they opened the app. No matter your age, sex, ethnicity – porn doesn’t discriminate! EVERYONE saw that pussy being pounded!


The dirty video was removed from Vine around 10am on its Jan 24th launch, but had already been live for HOURS and for all to see. Apple actually removed the app from its “featured apps” in the app store as a result of this fuckup, and twitter apologized to its loyal fans. Twitter is lucky Vine wasn’t outright banned from the appstore like 500px was, for allowing naked photo sharing on that platform. Twitter is basically censorship-free and they recently deleted the #porn hashtag from the search option, but that hasn’t stopped #NSFW and #pornvine from flexing their perverted muscles. Apparently if enough people report a piece of content as inappropriate, the user will be prompted with a warning message before opening. The internet is porn, and porn is the internet. It shall not be stopped. It is legion. Expect it. ?

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