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Ty Gonty Get’s C & S, Fined

THank you CH


T&H Northwest, LLC and Tyler Gonty – S-09-134-11-SC01 – Statement of Charges
On November 30, 2011, the Securities Division entered a Statement of Charges and Notice of Intent to Enter Order to Cease and Desist against Tyler Gonty and T&H Northwest, LLC. The Securities Division alleges that from 2006 to 2009 Gonty, through T&H Northwest, LLC, raised over $700,000 from at least 80 investors in violation of the Securities Act of Washington for the production and distribution of adult movies and websites. The Statement of Charges alleges the Respondents violated the registration and anti-fraud provisions of the Securities Act, and gives notice of the Securities Division’s intent to enter an Order to Cease and Desist, to impose fines, and recover costs. Respondents have a right to request a hearing on the Statement of Charges.

Respondents, Tyler Gonty, and T&H Northwest, LLC, shall each be liable for and pay a fine of $20,000

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