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Ty Gonty/HellHouse Gone….

The website is gone.

The website  is gone, and the domain name is expired.

The Twitter account had it’s last post on July 8th, 2010 ( altho I can only see it on my screen because i am BLOCKED from following them, lol)

I know there were many stockholders left who lost their money.

I know there were employees and porn stars left unpaid.

Here is the last know address of the “company” –

PO BOX 3069
Lynnwood, Washington 98046-3069
United States
+1.8888363185 Fax — +1.8888363185

I’d love to hear the latest from anyone involved with the lawsuits….

I hate to say it but someone like Ty Gonty aka Rex Mundi does just go away. He crawls under a rock for a while and comes back with a different name and a new company…

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