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Ty Gonty Strikes Again…


Ohio Dawg writes about his experience with Ty Gonty & Hell House –

Like many others, I’ve just started to realise I’ve been scammed by this dodgy fucker Ty Gonty. I put in a good 4 figures, and that doesn’t mean $1000, it means a lot more. I’ve been paid almost nothing even though they admit the movies I invested in made money. Ty Gonty just gives me constant excuses, and it’s been so long I have to admit to myself that I’m never going to see it.

I’ve downright demanded to be paid what I’m owed, and was just palmed off to another department in this so called ‘company’ (a few guys in their mom’s basement is my guess at what this operation really is), who then try to make me fill out endless forms, waivers and agreements of questionable legality. The contract I signed states they must pay out my revenue share within 10 days of them receiving it. It’s been over 1.5 years since I’ve seen a single check, and even those aren’t worth the trouble of cashing.
As it turns out, Ty Gonty got himself a brand new house in early 09. Where’s that cash coming from, bud? That’s right, myself and other ‘investors’ (scam victims). I’ll see this scammer squirm when he tries to explain this in the courtroom. If the company has any assets left (doubtful) I’ll get something back, if not I’ll send him a postcard in jail :)

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