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Tyler Knight on Girls who won’t do Interracial scenes.

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Tyler Knight is asked “Why won’t some girls do interracial porn”

Who knows why? Personal choice? Life experience? Profound ideological/moral conflict? Burning Bush? It’s a fools errand trying to understand the mind, and actions of others. I have a challenging enough time as it is understanding myself, so even as a person directly impacted by this at least monthly, I give it zero thought why, for that’s an excersize in futility.

Frankly, I’m GLAD when a girl opts out of, or refuses to do a scene because I am Black, for whatever reason she has,
I respect her honesty, and as consumer who is spending his/her hard earned money, so should you.

The question you should really be asking is, wouldn’t you rather see a scene with a girl who is actually into the person she is working with, as opposed to a girl that has been Jedi Mind Tricked into doing an IR scene for say…a few hundred dollars extra, and is virtually counting the minutes with an abacus till the pop shot, and shower?

As a professional, I’d just as soon call it, and go home if my scene partner has a thought bubble floating above her head like in the cartoons, with her Sprint PSC bill in it. I care about the quality of work I do too much for that, and while this is not a dating service, I certainly am way past putting out bullshit scenes, just for the money. Short term gain = long term loss.

It’s challenging enough as it is doing consistent, good quality work without starting off 10 paces behind the start line, due to poor casting.

The consumer (my de facto boss) deserves better.

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