United States is Number 1 at…

Obesity? Reality TV? Fast food chains? While all those may be true, this statistic will have you standing at attention – for the answer is PORN! That’s right, America doesn’t totally suck when it comes to being number 1!

With PORN VALLEY being housed right in the heart of California, it’s no surprise the United States are the number 1 porn hosting country in the world. It’s estimated that 60% of all the big tits and big dicks you see on the internet came from the good ol’ U S of A!

This data was collected and verified by a man named Paul Walsh of a company called Metacert. He found USA is second to the Netherlands in terms of xxx domains, with a population of 17 million people consuming 187 million pages of eye-popping porno! The UK came in third with 52 million pages, which is enough for 1 page per person.

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