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Unlicensed Plush Model Owner Scott Ohanian Pretends He Has Money For A Lawyer

Scott is pathetic..This is the dumbest shit yet. Dear lawyer, take care of this right away.. LOL    Now im not taking a side here, I just think Scott is a total scumbag and like to make fun of him..As of today, he still has NO License


Mr Sampat,

I have a legal matter is need taken care of right away please. I have Carbon Copied Michael in this Email. AS well as Kelli Roberts and Mike South

For the past few weeks Michael has been trying to convince a few models of Plush Talent LLC to end there contracts with us. He has been contacted all models and Slandering the agency. This is called as you know tortuous interference.

This guy has created over a dozen Twitter pages all to bash Plush Talent LLC He is impersonating models on twitter to contact other models of mine saying to leave Plush Talent I will attach Screen Shots. He has gone as far to say he can not be held legally responsible for his actions due to a Mental issue. However once he said this and it is included in the screen shots in this email he understands his actions and will be held liable

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