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UPDATE Jack Venice- A Good Dad/On Trial for Rape


NL-UPDATE- Yes I do seem to be straddling the fence on this one because I wasn’t there. I have no knowledge of the case but what I have read. I really don’t want to judge someone’s guilt or innocence, when I have very little info. Also I certainly don’t mean to act like the degree of assault lessens the impact on the victim. Any sexual assault is a terrible thing for someone to have to live through.

I interviewed Hanna Hilton in August- Here is the link


Jack Venice and Vivid Contract Star Hanna Hilton, have a good life together in Texas. The are raising her son. They started and are running a successful business together. When Hanna is off to LA to make movies, Jack runs the house, the business and is a great “stay at home” Dad.

This story sounds like it should end with ” and they lived happily ever after”, but unfortunately there is a problem, a BIG problem.

Jack was arrested for Burglary and Rape last year. He pleaded not guilty and he’s been out on $200,000 bail. Jack was identified as the suspect because of  several unique tattoos he has including an ammunition’s belt around his thigh.

The trial starts this Monday.

There are several versions of what happened for Jack to end up in this mess. The most reported accusation is that Jack was drinking at a bar and came back to the Washington State College campus with a new male acquaintance he met at the bar. The two allegedly broke into several sorority houses. Those are the burglary charges.

Now about the rape:

 From the Seattle Times “A woman at the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority house told police she woke up early Thursday to find two men in the room. She said they raped her before fleeing down a fire escape.

But other news versions of the woman’s story tell quite a different tale.

From Fox News–  “Police reports say a Washington State student who was sleeping at the Kappa Alpha Theta house awoke early on Sept. 13 to find two men in her room. Both fled. The woman, who is not a member of the sorority, told police she believes she was sexually assaulted in her sleep.

Kyle Schott, 23, a Washington State student, told officers that he watched as Reid “spooned” with the victim and touched her as she slept, according to court papers.

Schott said he handed Reid a condom, and the victim said she believed the sound of a condom package being opened may have awakened her, court documents said”

Of course I feel for the girl who was awakened to find two strange men in her room. But there is a difference between being raped, or being touched while you are sleeping. Either way of course she is the victim. I just hope the whole truth comes out at the trial, and that justice is served to all.

According to KXLY TV, Jack claims to have been too drunk to remember what happened.

I’m hoping that the best happens for all involved. That the victim is okay, and can go on with her life and that Jack IS innocent of the charges, and can continue with his happily ever after with Hanna & her son.

All I can do is to hope for the best for everyone.





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