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Update-Jeremy Steele- Feeding Time by Scott Fayner

NL- Jeremy, This wasn’t put up to slam you. ( You are so overly sensitive, I think you are always feeling like someone is out to get you) You did a scene and it sounds interesting. I wanted to know why they had you do this, and for what company and who is the girl and did you have sex with her.?



Scott Writes-So one of the Useless Whores came up to me the other day asking if she could shoot a scene in the house.
What kind of scene?
Well, they have me stomp on food and sit in food and then the guy eats the food. On tape. He wants people to know this information I guess. Makes no sense to me.
Her request got shot down, so she ended up doing it somewhere else.
When she returned home, she told me the name of the guy in the scene with her who ate food she stepped in and sat in: Jeremy Steele.
Of course it was Jeremy Steele.

NL-Jeremy- What company was this for? Did you at least get to eat GOOD food that was stomped on and sat in? Did you get to have any sex?

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