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Update on Anonymous Attackers


by BigRed

This is going to be a quick one. Remember the Hustler website being taken down  about a month ago by Anonymous? Well these guys are still at it. Don’t worry  Hustler is fine, but I’ve been checking out the goings on on these guys and its  really quite impressive. So here’s a quick run down on Operation Payback(is a  bitch). It was all started as retaliation against the MPAA, the RIAA, BPI and  the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry. The list is bigger  but it would look like alphabet soup if I put them all down here and the names
are to damn long to type so go look it up yourself. Sorry. Basically anyone who  can and did come out and say ” Hell no that’s copyrighted”. So that would be  music, movies and yes, porn. You know, the whole anti-tube site law suit thing  going on. Hey, anyone remember Limewire? Yup, no more of that.  Now here’s an interesting tidbit that may effect you also. Anonymous some how  has/had beef with Tumbler. The bloging site that every damn body uses. So they  launched a “distributed denial of service” (DDoS) attack on them. Some how it  backfired and ended up affecting So that’s a win anyway? There’s websites for Anonymous “members” and trolls that you can go on, read  forums and see upcoming protests and attacks. The main one would be Now they’re not really sneaky about what they plan on doing as  a group.

Things are planned in advance so they can get the details right and ducks in a  row.

Now I’ll be keeping an eye on this for awhile so I can save you the leg work.  But its something that might be worth checking out. If not, wait for my next one  to read. It beats twooping. Well, I have to go check out the 35 greatest cartoon  character mustaches. Whoa and beards!? WIN.

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