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Update on BOTH Lovelace Movies

There are TWO Lovelace movies in the works.  Lots of rumors surround both Lovelace movies, and it’s hard to keep them straight. Stars are signed on and then drop out. These films have so many changes in cast, I’m begining to think that is part of their publicity campaign. 

The one that to be called INFERNO was going to star Lindsey Lohan, that will now be starring Malin Akerman as LInda. The IMDB cast list shows Sasha Grey also starring in the movie. Inferno is to be written and directed by Matthew David Wilder. Adam Goldberg is tapped to play Harry Reems.

Amanda Seyfried pic from wikipedia

In the Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman’ directed LOVELACE (that’s the name) Amanda Seyfried will play LInda. Sharon Stone signed on to play the best friend of Lovelace. Juno Temple to play the best friend’s daughter. Peter Sarsgaard will be Chuck Traynor. Wes Bentley to play Larry Marchiano, Lovelace’s second husband. James Franco might have a cameo as Hugh Hefner. Also on the cast list are Hank Azaria, Robert Patrick. Chris Noth and Bobby Cannavale. Sexy Chloe Sevigny has just signed on to play a reporter.  Lovelace is currently filming in LA.

 Demi Moore who was picked up by an ambulance last night and  hospitalized for “exhaustion” (others report it as a substance abuse issue) has dropped out of Lovelace. She was supposed to have a cameo role as Gloria Steinem.

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