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Update on Brooke Ashley Workers Compensation Hearing

I’ve been trying to find out more information in regards to Brooke Ashley’s workers compensation hearing. Recent postings on the Adult DVD Talk forum by industry attorney Michael Fattorosi indicted that the Workers Compensation Appeals Board had sided with Brooke Ashley.  The judge’s ruling could in turn open the flood gates regarding whether or not performers must be treated as employees (vs. independent contractors) by the companies that hire them.

Due to the fact that Brooke had acquired the HIV virus, the judge’s ruling is not public information. The case doesn’t even have her name listed on it, due to HIV privacy laws.

Though the judge ruled in Brooke’s favor, from what I understand the case is currently in the appeals process.

I have also heard from a reliable source that AVN has decided to no longer write about case. They didn’t see it as good for business. Mark Kernes did a well-written piece back in July of last year, but never did a follow up on the piece after the judge’s ruling in December.

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