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Update on Hollie Stevens

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Join us in showing love & support to Hollie Stevens as she battles breast, bone and liver cancer.
In August of 2011, Hollie underwent a mastectomy.
On December 6th, she was told the cancer has spread to her bone. In early March, another diagnosis – cancer has been found in her liver as well as several new tumors being discovered on and near her initial surgical site. The cancer has also spread to her right leg and has compromised her hip and leg as well as her chest wall and other breast.
Hollie has almost completed chemotherapy and radiation that began February 27th. Due to her new prognosis and pre-existing cancer, now, more than ever, we need your help.
Hollie is scheduled for surgery on April 2nd. Her leg and hip will be operated on in an attempt to strengthen the area where the cancer has spread/settled into. Presently, she is at a high risk for a leg or hip break and has been moved from a cane to crutches. Recovery in the hospital will hopefully be less than a week, but we are planning for her post op recovery and therapy after. Once she has had her surgery, she will be placed on the maximum dose of chemo and radiation allowed for another 4-6 weeks.
We are asking you to give what you can, to forward and post this link and send messages of love & support.
To those who have given, re-posted, RT’d and shared, THANK YOU. To those who may be able to give & post, we thank you as well.
We are not posting Hollie’s Amazon wish list – this has taken priority, by her request.
Thank you in advance for giving and for showing Hollie that actions speak louder than words.

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