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Update on Kimora Klein’s Injuries

Update – February 13, 2011:
Kimora has been moved from the hospital to a rehabilitation center, and is working hard at physical therapy.

Her jaw has been unwired, and the retaining plates removed. Her speech is close to normal.

She still has an external fixator bar providing structure to her pelvis through a set of open wounds, but has recently begun walking with the aid of a walker. We are very hopeful that through continued therapy she will regain full ability.

She and her family are very grateful for your continued support through this site.

NL- One of the things I worry about most with Kimora is that she is a Vegan and it’s hard for her to get the proper nutrition to heal. She says the hospital is feeding her Tofu & Steamed Veggies. That doesn’t seem like enough variety to stay healthy. Somebody send the girl some NUTS! lol You can write her here [email protected]

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