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Update On Leila Lopes Death

A reader writes with more details- (TY Ed)

I am writing to bring more information about leila Lopes:
Leila was born on November 19, 1959 and died on December 3, 2009.
Was an actress and journalist. She was 21-year career. He acted in soap operas in Brazil’s largest broadcaster, TV Globo.
Served in the following novels:
O guarani
Despedida de solteiro
O rei do gado
Marcas da paixão

She also acted in several theater. Was the cover of Playboy in March 1997.
Last year signed a contract with a major producer of porn Brazil (Brasileirinhas).The contract was for 3 porn movies that were part of a trilogy.
Os filmes foram os seguintes:
Pecados e tentações
O pecado sem perdão
O pecado final

Leila was found dead by a neighbor who called a locksmith to break open a door of her apartment at the request of her husband who was worried about Leila.
The neighbor found her lying on the floor. There were empty boxes in place of anti-depressants and a plate of food with rat poison, and a letter to her husband and family.

The Police believe the hypothesis of suicide, although some think that she would never commit suicide.

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