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Update On (Lupe’s Ex-Husband) Pablo Lapiedra

NL-Our Spanish reader, Rob tells me about a new article in his paper in Spain and translates it for us. 

Well, there are not many news about the Pablo Lapiedra (ex-Lupe’s husband); just, last monday the 28th the judge that is reviewing the case decided to keep Lapiedra into jail where he has to wait if finnally the colombian authorities decide to ask to extradite him. Colombia has now 30 days to bring up evidences and then the spanish judge has to decide if it’s enough to extradite him to Colombia. That would be the worst scenario for Lapiedra cause while in Spain, if he is declared guilty he would be in prison for a maximum of 5 years, in Colombia he would be between 8 or 12 years.

Lapiedra says he is innocent. That he was tricked by the 16 year old girl who gave him a false ID.

No word on Lupe…


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