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Update on Raven Alexis & Her Toy Drive

NL- All I really want for Xmas, is for Raven & her family to have a wonderful holiday, oh and world peace…    

Beautiful Raven photographed by so talented Holly Randall

Dec 4 Sunday update! Raven continues to fight the pain from her cancer, and tries to look for the silver linings. She is looking forward to an eggnog latte, hot bath, then a day of NFL with @dirtjunior666 and kiddies today. 21 more days until Xmas, which is Raven’s favorite day of the year! Thanks for the continuing donations to our toy drive, and for all of the love and support from everyone!

Dec 6 From the Raven Alexis/@dirtjunior666 household, a huge thank you to everyone who has donated to the toy drive! It has really kept her motivated and excited these last couple weeks. The cold bug is hanging on with Raven because of her lowered immune system, but we just keep saying a big FUCK YOU to cancer every day!

Dec 7 Raven is having a really rough day due to sickness/complications from the cancer. She asks that if you have any spare courage and love, send it her way. She thanks everyone for their continued messages and well wishes. Her friends and fans are what keep her going through every day and she wants to thank you all from the bottom of her heart!

Dec 9 Our “Toys Fighting Cancer” Toy Drive is coming to an end here very shortly, as we will be delivering the toys to Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA by the 15th. We are delighted to announce that we received over $3,200 dollars worth of donations. Those donations came in all forms, including over 120 amazing toys off of our Amazon wish list, and over $1,200 in PayPal and credit card donations. 

We ask that if anyone would like to donate for the remainder of the month, please do so either directly to Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA in Raven’s name, or donate via PayPal, so that we can get all the toys sorted and delivered to the hospital by the 15th. 

THANK YOU all so much for your very generous donations! This means so much to all of us, especially to Raven!

Much love!

Dec 10 We are all spending the weekend together as a family; lots of good food and love, movies, NFL, and preparing for Xmas. Raven thanks everyone for their well wishes, gifts, flowers, etc. and sends her love and a big smile! Lastly, a quote that Raven loves: “We have no right to ask when a sorrow comes, ‘Why did this happen to me?’ unless we ask the same question for every joy that comes our way.”

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