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Update On Raven Alexis

Raven in Hustler’s Ghostbuster’s Parody. My fav of her movies.



Thanks for staying so concerned about Raven’s condition. Due to the progression of the tumors in her brain, she is no longer able to walk at all, and remains in bed most of the time. The seizures, confusion, and memory loss continue to get worse. She jokes however, that she’s probably only forgotten the shitty stuff. What does keep her excited and motivated, is the toy drive that we have organized at her request.

It is very unlikely that she will be able to leave the house to help us deliver the toys, but myself and her two little boys will be delivering them, hopefully wearing some nice new “Toys Fighting Cancer” t-shirts. We have raised close to $1,500 dollars worth of toys and donations, and Raven encourages people to keep giving! She is hoping that the toys will bring some motivation and inspiration to some very sick kids who have to spend their Christmas fighting this battle.

There are several ways that people can donate. We will be donating these to Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA before Christmas, and the deadline for donations is December 15th.

To purchase toys directly visit this link:

To donate via PayPal, please use this email address: [email protected].

To donate using your credit card, visit:

Thanks so much to you, Cindi! And of course, to everyone who’s so generously donated!

-Stephen and Raven

NL- Raven & Steven are an incredible couple. While facing death, they choose to focus on helping kids with cancer enjoy their Xmas. Amazing people.

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