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UPDATE-Skeeter Kerkove “infiltrates wealthy family”

UPDATE-Someone asked why a Tricia tattoo- I believe that is Bridgette Kerkove’s real first name.

NL-Skeeter Kerkove has been quiet around LA these days. Perhaps that’s because he is not IN LA. According to an anonymous source. Skeeter is hanging out in Barbados with a wealthy family and dating their daughter. I have no way to confirm that this is truth right now, but I did also receive pictures. There are many group shots aboard the boat, but I am not posting those, too many “innocent” civilians. For that same reason, I have cut people out of the photos. All this has to be considered just a rumor until I can get a second source. Maybe Skeeter himself?



Anon writes-Skeeter has been dating Corrina Gauthier, the daughter of a French national, antiquities trader and has been spending a huge amount of time in Barbados where they met. The last I heard, he hasn’t been back in the country (USA) for several weeks. I snapped some pictures of him from a recent trip with his girlfriend and her father aboard their family yaught. There is a rumor that they have purchased some property there and he has been shooting a lot of interracial stuff. I know a lot of the locals down there refer to him as “Main du Diable” and he is VERY visible

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