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Updates on Bret Michaels & Sandra Bullock

To lighten the seriousness of the site I’m going to give you some Celeb updates.

Bret Michaels- You aren’t getting anything on the Hollywood gossip sites because Bret’s camp is keeping mum. BUT I have a friend of a friend who has visited Bret in the hospital and she says he is talking, although slurring his words ( which is probably because he is on heavy meds) and is being his upbeat self. Bret is still in ICU and has a serious road ahead, but he is on the mend. I was worried that Bret would have brain damage that caused him to be less then what he was. It looks like there is no effect on her personality tho, and he is recognizing people like he should. HIs condition has been upgraded to stable. There will be a statement from the Doctors & the Bret Camp on Monday. Bret is expected to make a full recovery.

Sandra Bullock- Really came out with a surprise when I found out that she IS actually a mom. ( gives MORE meaning to her Oscar speech “the moms that take care of the babies and the children no matter where they come from”) Sandra & Jesse adopted a baby in January ( after a four year wait). The baby is dark skinned, originally from Louisianna, and they have named him Louis Bardo. Because of their split, Jesse has given up custody of Louis. Sandra has filed for divorce and will be finalizing the adoption as a single mom.


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