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US Arcades is celebrating its latest retail partnership with Intimate Ideas in Sarasota, FL.

The boutique has successfully operated multiple adult novelty retail locations for over 50 years; maintaining a professional environment, judgment free zone, competitive pricing, and by employing a knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Intimate Ideas is the third retailer in the Sunshine State to employ the state-of-the-art CamCade system, and 75th overall in the US Arcades retailer roster.

Lewis Adams, VP of Sales for US Arcades commented, “2019 finished stronger than any of us could have predicted, and 2020 is picking up right where ’19 left off. We have a full lineup of stores scheduled to update throughout the year. We see the live cam activity and revenue increase week over week. We have system upgrades and a marketing plan rolling out this year to focus on driving new customers into stores. 2020 is going to be a great year for business.”

US Arcades further remarked on their upward trajectory, attributing continuous evolution as the leading component to their success. Based on retailer demand, the company pursued the industry’s leading production studios to sign on as digital content providers. Consumer stagnation led US Arcades to develop the only in-store live cam platform in existence, broadcasting a live cam channel 24 hours a day, to attract a new customer base.

Due to the success following the live cam implementation, US

Arcades is continuing their free promotion, giving every paying customer 10 free credits to tip the cam models.

“It is remarkable to see how far we’ve come since the inception of US Arcades,” noted company President David Joseph. “We had the vision to completely revolutionize the retail arcade model, and those who may have initially second-guessed its profit potential now see the value in this platform’s innovation, day in, and day out.”

Joseph went on to say, “consumers will always respond positively if they know that their interests are being nurtured. Our intention of creating a modern, one-of-a-kind experience at the retail level — with the addition of our Cam channel — has resulted in the ultimate private viewing experience. Our production studios benefit; retailers benefit; and consumers keep coming back. This is everything we had hoped for; thank you to our partners for a fantastic year thus far.”

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