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US Gov Seizes $6 Million from Brazzer’s Mansef, Inc

NL- I’m not a lawyer, nor a genius, but in my opinion sounds like money laundering.  And US must have had quite a bit on them to seize the money, and then take it to court. Wouldn’t they usually charge them, and go back and forth with motions for a couple years before it got anywhere near seizure and court?Let me get more info.UPDATE- Thank you to C for all the legal docs concerning the case. Since it’s about 15 pages long I might just post some excerpts later. Readers let me know if you are interested in anything in particular.

This is from Georgia Court records

United States of America v. $5,282,495.03 seized from Fidelity Bank Account X-0691 et al

Plaintiff:    United States of America
Defendant:    $5,282,495.03 seized from Fidelity Bank Account X-0691 and $1,100,957.44 seized from Fidelity Bank Account X-0878
Claimants:    Mansef, Inc. and Premium Services, LLC
Case Number:    1:2009cv03371
Filed:    December 1, 2009
Court:    Georgia Northern District Court
Office:    Atlanta Office [ Court Info ]
County:    Fulton
Presiding Judge:     Carnes
Nature of Suit:    Other Statutes – Other
Cause:    18:1960 Prohibition of unlicensed money transmitting businesses
Jurisdiction:    U.S. Government Plaintiff
Jury Demanded By:    None

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