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US Marshal Fucks on Courthouse Roof

US Marshal Fucks on Courthouse Roof

When you think about the courthouse rooftop in Harrisburg, PA, normally nothing particularly special comes to mind. If you’re imaginative maybe when you picture federal building roof you might conjure images of action movies and intense fight scenes.  This time, we’re happy to report on a completely different kind of rooftop action!

A US Marshals Service Employee was spotted getting some action on the roof of the Harrisburg Courthouse. Photos were taken of a naked couple fucking on top of the federal building and were obtained by Harrisburg WHTM news station. Every. Single. Photo. Found. Online. Is blurred out, so we couldn’t get any dirty details on the roof top couple.

The person who forwarded the photos claims that they have seen this happening on more than one occasion. So it seems they were ready with their camera waiting for this. The witness is worried about safety of the building with people climbing on the roof which is so clearly unsecured. Well hopefully the couple on top is using protection if the building is not.

Sex on Courthouse Rooftop

This witness is about the only person worrying. Many accounts of people have stated that unless this is a huge security breach, which they doubt, then there is not much to worry about. Although there is an ongoing investigation to confirm that there was not a security breach.

This seems like one of those things that would only happen in television shows but apparently people are crazy enough to do it in person too. The scandal is real. There hasn’t been any news leaked yet on whether or not the government worker having fun will get fired or not but comments on the whole situation are looking pretty good for him.

This is the first time a sex scandal has resulted in people saying they just don’t care. Are we moving progressively forward as country? Half of me hopes we are and the other half doesn’t want to see naked bodies strewn on top of buildings when I’m out and about.

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