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Use Doxy Massager for MANY Powerful Orgasms (2019)

Vibrators are very much used by everyone around the world for getting satisfied and achieving powerful climaxes while having sex or otherwise.

They are great little tools that are used to achieve orgasms that you may not have experienced before.

In this article I am covering one of the strongest vibrators called Doxy massager.

Doxy Massager

The Doxy wand massager is very powerful and gives amazing climaxes and will give orgasm after orgasm. This is the strongest massager you will find for satisfying your sexual desires.

Physical Details

The Doxy Massager is a wand-style vibrator, much like the Magic Wand or the Lelo Smart Wand.

Made by the people over at Doxy in England, this massager claims to have 30% more power than the Magic Wand, which will arouse your interest and you.

The Doxy massager USA itself is very smooth and sleek, yet large in size. The entire Doxy wand extends a little more than 1 foot long, measuring a durable 516 grams.

The doxy vibrator is separated into the body, the neck, and the head. The head is squishy and smooth, keeping surface free for simple cleaning.

The neck is for the most part hardened, however there’s some room there for moving the make a beeline for side.

The body of the Doxy wand is smooth and simple. All it comprises of are the controls (a power, increase, and decrease button) and the logo.

Regardless of its straightforward structure, this certainly doesn’t feel like an unsexy modern power tool. In some way or other it figures out how to have a touch of artfulness to it.

That being stated, the body of the Doxy massager USA has two profound gaps in it that leads to screws, which might make it difficult to clean the strongest vibrator.


Does the Doxy truly have 30% more power than the Magic Wand Original? When you compare and use both Doxy massager and Magic Wand Original, you might not feel any difference in either of them.

Be that as it may, there will be no obvious answer as to which is more powerful and have more vibrations.

At this point all you can do is a take a blind taste to compare the power and the vibration of both the massager- the Doxy and the Magic Wand Original.

Although you might feel that the Doxy massager USA has more power than Magic Wand Original, both the massager will give you amazing orgasms when used.

The power that the Doxy massager can give is the best in class and you will not feel under-power at any time of the orgasms.

Even if you are a power-queen and need amazing power for your orgasms, you will feel that the doxy vibrator can satisfy your sexual appetite and give you amazing powerful orgasms each time you use it.

However, one thing that will be clear after prolonged usage of Doxy massager is that the vibration of the Doxy magic wand massager hits the right spot at each scenario.

Even though it’s not 100% thunder, the vibration of the Doxy wand when you use it for sexual pleasure will reach your clitoris and the G-Spot equally.

This massager will be your perfect buddy when it comes to orgasms and satisfying your sexual desires.


doxy vibrator

The Doxy massager does not make very high noises and it is usually very calm. There is no humming sound that can put off your sexual mood.

This Doxy wand is very powerful but is also very much calm and does not produce any sorts of noises when used.

Even at high speeds, the Doxy sex toy does not make any kind of noises but the speed and the movement cannot be ignored if you are trying to use the Doxy vibe discreetly.

Function of the Doxy Massage Wand

When you press the power button, the Doxy sex toy literally purrs to life at about full power and strength. This is where it stands out from the rest of the massagers.

If you are a sexual prowess and need to get down business quickly and immediately, then this is the best function for you. It is a powerful personal massager.

If you are feeling somewhat lazy and want to slow down things a little and savor the movement and the enjoyment, then you will need to decrease the speed and the power of the massager before you start using it.

The best part of the Doxy massager is that it can also vibrate in patterns if you love pulsating vibrations.

To start the pulsating vibrations all you have to do is, press the power button for a few seconds, then flip through the + and – buttons.

This is fresh feature that can help you if you love pulsating vibrations. It also results in somewhat powerful climaxes for some people who love patterns in vibrations since it is the most powerful personal massager.

Material and Care of the Doxy Vibrators

Doxy wand claims that the head of the massager is produced using “hypoallergenic medical grade non-porous PVC that is free from latex or unwanted phthalates.”

To keep it consummately clean, I’d propose that you cover it with a non-porous cover, for example, such as a plastic bag or a condom.

If you think that it is too much work, and then you can also use it over your panties, however it may be a hindrance in achieving powerful orgasms and satisfying your sexual desires.

The PVC head of the Doxy wand can be something to fuss over with sex toy.

doxy wand

The company claims that the head of this strongest personal massager is very much non-porous and can be used without stressing over the effectiveness of the vibrator once it is lubed up.

The Doxy sex toy is very much safe to water and moisture and can be used without having to worry about it getting damaged because of your lube or your cum.

To clean the head, you can wipe it with any kind of anti-bacterial wet-wipe. The same is with the ABS plastic body.

Make certain to turn off and unplug your Doxy massager between your playtimes, since there’s a danger of electric shock on the off chance that it comes into contact with water.

In case you will utilize lube to use the Doxy toy, I likewise propose water-based ointment.


The Doxy doesn’t get any prizes for fancy bundling. It’s a plain and straightforward white box, but the box is neatly packed and you have any complaints.

Inside the container, you will find the Doxy massager and an instruction manual. It would be better if the Doxy accompanied a storage pouch.

Even if it is a long fabric drawstring pouch, it would be awesome.

Since it is quite long as compared to the other traditional sex toys, you cannot put it in any of the pouches or the bags. You will have to keep the Doxy massager naked, stuffed into your drawers until the next time you use it.

My Experience with the Doxy Massager

Doxy massager is one of the best sex toys that you can get for yourself. It is one of the most powerful and is capable of giving you multiple orgasms that are powerful and rejuvenating.

It doesn’t matter if you need quick orgasm or multiple orgasms or if you want your partner to make you cum, Doxy massager will be your obvious choice once you start using it.

What’s more, this affection for Doxy massager will be prompt. You won’t even need to mentor your clitoris to like the Doxy.

The Doxy vibrator is one of the best vibrators that you will love to use since the very beginning. The simulations that the Doxy vibrator will give you is one of the most powerful you will ever experience.

Your accomplice and you will even begin utilizing it together amid PIV sex. You will generally start using the Doxy massager amid every intercourse session you will have.

If you place the Doxy massager at the right places while having sex, you will receive a feeling of euphoria that you will have never experienced.

What’s more, even though the massager is corded, the disadvantages are minimal. The Doxy’s cable is 2.8 meters long, implying that you can connect it to an outlet that isn’t right next to your bed.

A cable this long implies the Doxy stays flexible and usable regardless of the possibility that your bed is at a distance from the outlet.

Final Thoughts

You will be impressed with the Doxy Massager. It is solid, it is generally rumbly, and it is moderately calm.

The Doxy toy has a long cable. It comes in colors including pink and purple. The best part of the Doxy toy, however, is that it quickly delivers those climaxes.

This vibrator doesn’t steer clear of the real issue: it gets you where you have to without wasting time.

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