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Vaginal Knitting

Feminist Casey Jenkins didn’t apologize for her vaginal knitting, and she had absolutely no reason to. But, is it possible that you can take vaginal knitting to a whole new extreme? Indeed, it is.

Trixi von Purl released a book called Knit Your Own Kama Sutra that gives readers and Pinterest project do-ers—and now Porn readers—an opportunity to learn the ultimate sex positions in a whole new way. Prepare your womb looms.

The publisher claims it gets your creative juices flowing… and maybe some other juices, too. Now, naughty knitters get the whole experience: the book sets the perfect mood for this knitting. So get knitty in bed, at the movies, outside, in office, and in the hot tub.

When it’s time to amp it up, go Jenkins style making sure you have a vagina to insert the wool into first. Don’t know how to knit? Use your Kama Sutra guide and now it’s the yeast of your worries. Making this art project very sexy, and making GILF the newest, hottest thing.

Even if you don’t knit you can enjoy the colored photographs featuring your knitted buddies in their Kama Sutra positions. A new fetish in itself.

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