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Vaniity frustrated at being seen as a Sex Object…

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Question & A with Vaniity’s blog

Question: Does being an adult entertainer/actress, make the act of making love have less meaning or value?

Vaniity: Yes and NO… it depends on whom I’m shooting with… for instance when I first shot with CHRISTIAN I actually had feelings for him… then the last time we shot it was simply business, still very turned on by him… and delicious sex… but the thrill was gone… Also, with JANINE I went through emotions I’d never had before…deep… feeling… oh so different… and oh so yummy…and I was clearly nervous too…

Here’s another twist to the story… I use to have the biggest crush on Joey Silvera… I would actually perform for him in the beginning of our doing work together… You can even tell in some of the earlier stuff ~ I’m putting on a show ~ for him… playing to the camera so much and even asking him to “give me some!” hehe

It fucked with my head that I could not convince him (as much as he was turned on by me) to fool around with me on his set… it would drive me insane! hehehe

Now, when I love passionately, when you and I are only for each other… when I’m in a relationship… well, you get to be the luckiest guy alive… I give all of myself to someone when I fall in love… I fall into desire and romanticism… I give in, I’ll love you completely… your face, your body, your hair or there lack off… your smells, the fresh ones right after a shower or one day old funk ~ I’ll love it! The way our sex smells before during and after…

The taste of your ejaculation… the way you looking into my eyes… the way you tear up sometimes cause u love me so much… all that and more… awwwhhhh LOVE…hehe

Question: Saw your comment in the mood section yesterday (about having thoughts of Sex Reassignment Surgery) and I have to admit it floored me….I think you said something like you were watching Tyra and considering gender reassignment surgery.

Vaniity:I am comfortable in my own skin… yet sometimes I think guys are caught up in going from one TG to another…I get disappointed about our community, and while I love my self as I am and know there is a certain reason for why God made me this way, I have to say that I get frustrated ’bout the ways of the world though… being a novelty or simply seen as a sex object gets old…

I love how u always make me think though…hehe

I also realize I’m categorizing all men together as “same” and yet I know well God made us all distinctly different ~ and oh so special ?

Question: Hey sexy. Im straight but i think your sooo fine..Am i gay????

Vaniity: No no at all! There isn’t a label for a guy that loves a TG woman… but I’m sure there will be, as we on earth love to label people and categorize people…hehe
Thanx for being a VANIIITOPIAN!


Question: Why did the sexiest woman on earth turn out to be born a male?

Vaniity: Well, see God decided to just totally stirr things up a bit on earth…and plus I begged him, I said Lord, I am down for the challenge… send me down there and make me be the sexiiest boy/girl ever and in turn I commit to be a beacon of light to those who like me will suffer for their “uniqueness” ~ I’d had many past lives as powerful and beautiful women ~ so I know I’d make a great transgender girl… afterall I’ve ruled many a mans heart in my time prior to this life ~ I’ve ruled worlds! hehe

OK enough of my delusion, but it’s fun to think outside of the box at times ?

Thank you!  God bless u and keep writing!

Dealilah “Vaniity”

p.s. I’m looking forward to working for WENDY WILLIAMS’ DVD line and website.

Vaniity’s site

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