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Vaniity Writes Us about “Surviving Howard Stern Appearance”

“I survived Howard Stern” -Vaniity “And he was actually sweet to me…”
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Promotion for “” turns into a game of sensationalism!

I was actually called:
”Passable” although some “clocked” me…
”You could do modeling”
”She’s the perfect girl”
and to keep quoting, also a “man” but it’s all good… Howard hugged me and said, “you were great, wow, you’re beautiful…”

Hope you watched it, I really had no clue it would revolve around a game of “guess” but I’m proud of me, wether people can “guess” me or not, I’m beautiful and oh so blessed!

Howard welcomed three women to the studio to play Guess the Tranny. The first woman, Amy, was wearing a Wonder Woman outfit and stumped Howard: (the next quote was actually said to me “VANIITY” they missprinted it or transcribed it wrong on here)”Your voice is really deep. [But] your breasts are really nice. If you’re a guy, I’m gonna shit my pants…I’m literally gonna move my bowels on this chair.” The next girl said her name was Vaniity, and Gary immediately flagged her gender as suspect: “She’s so hot, but there’s something going on with that voice.”

The final contestant, Sasha, had a more feminine sounding voice. Artie had one question: “Can we see all of you throw out the first pitch at a Mets game?” Everyone then registered their votes. Robin picked Amy: “She seems to me to be the kind of woman who’d be in porn…there’s all kinds of wacky stuff going on.” Fred also picked Amy, but Gary went with Vaniity. Benjy agreed, telling Vaniity: “You’re the hottest but you’re also a guy.”

Artie bet everyone in the room $1,000 that Vaniity was a dude: “It’s a gut feeling.” Howard agreed. The girls showed what they had between their legs – and Vaniity had a penis. Howard was bummed: “There it is. Vaniity, you’re not circumcised, are you?” Vaniity confirmed that she was not, bragging that she banged porn star Janine Lindemulder with her penis – for a movie.

Asked why she hadn’t gone in for a sex change operation, Vaniity explained: “It’s 30 grand and there’s no guaranty that you’ll have a working vagina…who wants to take that risk?” Vaniity also confessed that she used to trick unsuspecting men into oral or anal sex: “I apologize to anyone I did that to. It was wrong and I’m sorry.”


I also explained that we do not choose this life of hardship and that it is a fact in neuro biology that it happens in the mom’s womb ~our beautiful transgenderism!

I really feel good, they actually complimented me a lot, I hope they transcribe the whole show as it actually was, word by word, cause they were pretty generous with compliments to me, considering this IS HOWARD STERN’S show!

p.s. Toggsy, I mentioned you! hehe

Anywhoo… I’m exhausted stuck in St. Louis Misssoury… weather problems…will be home in LA back with my honey in the morning…

OHHHHHHHHHH, one last thing! One of them said, “Your penis is beautiful” hehehe

ALL that MATTERS is I hope htey plug the WEBSITE as I did mention it… gimmie, gimmie!!! hehe (wishful thinking)

Dealilah “Vaniity”
The supposed “man” can u believe that bull!hehe

Here is Vaniity’s site that she is talking about promoting

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