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Veronica Rayne- Sex On A Plane!

Veronica Rayne started porn late in life, at the age of 27. As a matter of fact she got into porn with her husband, (Jack Vegas), and they are still together and in the biz four years later. Veronica has achieved a lot in a short time, landing roles in mainstream and big budget adult films along with doing gonzo and online scenes. One of Veronica’s mainstream projects that I really enjoyed was Fox’s My Bare Lady 2. Four porn stars are given a crash course in business and assigned tasks to complete, competing against each other. But what Veronica is most known for, and likes the best, is hardcore fucking. DP’s are on her list of fun stuff to do, which is why she is on our list of fun girl to watch.

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Adult Fun: I know you are about to head out for a set because you are shooting a scene in a half an hour. So thanks for talking to me now. What are you going to be shooting?
Veronica: I’m going to be an extra in my girl friend’s scene because one of her extra’s bailed on her.
AF: Who’s scene?
V: Delilah Strong.
AF: What did you do before you got into porn?
V: I ran bars in Boston, which is where I met Jack.
AF: You don’t have a Boston accent.
V: No, I chose to speak English.
AF: (Laughs) And you don’t look Irish either. You are Italian right?
V: Yeah I am Italian. Jack is Irish.
AF: Is that a mix of tempers!
V: Oh yes, it’s really fun around holidays here. It’s quite comical. We’ve always said we should tape this.
AF: I heard you starred in Hustler’s movie Keeping it Up for the KardASSians, and you played Kim.
V: Yes. It came out recently.
AF: You do look a bit like her. So how did you act like Kim?
V: It is based on the reality show and the sex tape so we studied copies of the reality show because I had never seen them. Then I studied the sex tape.
AF: What did you think of it?
V: She needs to learn how to have sex. (Laughs)
AF: So I guess you can do a lot better sex scene than Kim?
V: I would say so, she’s not a professional porn star. I get a kick out of people that say Kim Kardasian is a porn star. I’m like oh no she’s not.
AF: So that one accidental sex tape from her was not enough practice. I always wonder about those. How do they get out?
V: Well she had to do a release on it. And probably got paid a million dollars.
AF: So it was a sex tape she didn’t want released, but she probably had to sign a release to have it released.
V: Right.
AF: So I guess you probably got paid a million dollars for your role in KardASSian. (Laughs)
V: Oh yeah. I got a million dollars. That’s what we get.
AF: You have been in porn, for what, three and a half years now?
V: Yep, almost four years.
AF: So you didn’t start out as an eighteen year old.
V: No I didn’t start until I was twenty-seven.
AF: And why did you decide to become a porn star at twenty-seven?
V: Ya know I’ve always done what I wanted in life and I did the college thing and I ran a couple bars in Boston and then I was a dancer. Me and my husband just turned around and said, let’s do something else. Let’s do something fun. I met a really great agent and we just kind of fell into it.
AF: Well you have done a lot in your time. I know you did some mainstream too because I saw you in My Bare Lady 2, and I loved it.
V: Oh thank you.
AF: The episode I liked the best was the car wash.
V: Oh my God. (Laughs) Me and Brooke (Haven) are still trying to figure out until this day how exactly we lost that one, especially since I got the car wash a corporate account.
AF: It made no sense that you lost. That was what I was going to say about why I loved the episode because the deal was for each team to bring in the most money. And the other team got money by trying to up the cost of cars that were already coming in, like changing a wash to a wash and wax. But you went so out side the box and went across the street and pre-sold a bunch of washes to a business. I thought that was really smart of you.
V: When you are a business woman you have to look at every corner of the game and see what is the best strategy.
AF: I think that was the best move in the whole game. And that should have won you the game overall. I didn’t like how they decided who won the game, which was basically nobody, or everybody depending on how you looked at it.
V: We were a little surprised when they said Sunny (Leone) and Casey (Parker) won. We were like how exactly did that happen?
AF: I was looking on line trying to find an announcement of who won the game and there isn’t one. They put out a notice about who one the first season, but nothing about your season. It was weird how it ended like that. So let me just ask you, in your humble opinion, who should have won the whole game?
V: Uhm, I hate to say it, but I would have to say me.
AF: And I would agree that you are totally correct. Would you say overall you had a good experience being on reality TV?
V: Well, me and Brooke Haven ended up becoming best friends out of it, so I guess I got a best friend out of it, but besides that, it was something that I wouldn’t give up as an experience, but it is also something that I would never do again unless I had complete creative control over my contract.
AF: Because?
V: There were too many things that were a little bit hazy. A couple things were said that were going to happen that weren’t going to happen, how it was edited a lot of the time.
AF: Oh yeah, you were portrayed as a bitch.
V: Oh yeah, of course.
AF: But that’s okay.
V: Exactly, I got the most airtime so…
AF: Well people knew you before. but I really think that this series was a big bump for people knowing who you are.
V: I think so. Of course everybody has opinions, oh I loved you, someone else will say you are a really nasty person. And I say no I’m really not, you have no idea how things really went. I am just a very honest person.
AF: I guess people haven’t gotten it yet that reality TV is often not real.
V: It’s actually not. I’m not saying that every single moment was staged, but a lot of it was- can you redo this, can you have the same expression, can you feel the same moment? I’m going really? No. My answer was no by the second week of filming. We were told that we were going to be on set from 9am to 5pm and we were on 9am to 10pm.
AF: Wow. So it was a lot of work, but getting a best friend out of it was quite an accomplishment.
V: Right, and I wouldn’t know what to do without her.
AF: Brooke is really a nice person, such a sweet person.
V: She is a very sweet person.
AF: And she likes animals and you like animals.
V: I do love animals. I have five dogs and a cat.
AF: And who is more fun and more cuddly, your pets or your husband?
V: My pets.
AF: I knew you were going to say that.
V: Dogs give you unconditional love.
AF: I would say they are easier then kids too, no college fund for dogs!
V: Exactly, but it is pretty pricey with five dogs.
AF: I’m sure. Okay on to sex. What is the best sex scene you have ever done?
V: If I had to pick one of them it would be it would have to be with Tony DeSergio for The Whack Job. I played Gina the Mob Boss’s wife and he was one of the hit men.
AF: And he hit it up with you.
V: Yes he did. (Laughs)
AF: What was so good about it?
V: I do most of my features with him. We have a good connection on set. He is married and I’m married and there is total respect. There is no funny business going on. And we bond on a personal level as far as friendship goes. Our chemistry is there. It just works really, really well.
AF: Sounds like you feel totally comfortable with him.
V: Exactly.
AF: And he must be a good fuck also.
V: Ya know what? He is. His wife is very lucky.
AF: I am sure your husband is good in bed too or you wouldn’t keep him around.
V: Oh my God, he is amazing in bed. Absolutely.
AF: So I should put what you just said in capital letters.
V: Yes. Ten years later and he is the only one in my life I have never gotten bored with. You have to change things up.
AF: So what is the weirdest place you ever had sex with him?
V: On an airplane flying into Philadelphia.
AF: In the bathroom?
V: Yeah, We got in trouble for that. Didn’t know you could almost get arrested.
AF: So what did the flight attendants say to you?
V: Just, could you come out?
AF: You are disturbing the other passengers.
V: Can you come out, it is a little obvious what you guys are doing. And Jack says, well this is my wife. And he said it so casually that I think even the flight attendants were thrown off. They were like how do I respond to that, most people would be embarrassed, and he’s like there is something wrong with that? I’m like, oh lets just not get arrested before going home for Christmas.
AF: Can you imagine calling your Mother from the airport? Mom we are going to be late…
V: We are stuck in Philadelphia, we’ve been arrested for having sex on the plane.
AF: Sounds like a movie title, “Sex on a Plane”. I noticed that some of your movie titles are MILF titles. That is the hugest thing right now.
V: Well I won’t do the call me mommy crap. But if it’s a younger guy who appreciates older women that’s great, like a lot of the Brazzers movies are great, I have no problem doing their MILF titles. But I’m not a mother. I don’t have children.
AF: It’s such a big deal, even in mainstream. Well the word MILF comes from mainstream.
V: Yes, they are even doing that reality show called The Cougar.
AF: That’s true. The Cougar is forty and I think all the guys are twenties. It is a good trend, because in the old days most girls didn’t stick around in porn after twenty-eight or so.
V: I can honestly say that when I was twenty-seven, girls that were considered MILF’s weren’t doing hardcore or gonzo, they were doing Playboy (movies). I was one of the older girls that started the hardcore, like DP for Anabolic. I was probably the first one of my age who started three years ago who was doing dirty things on film
AF: So you’re a slut.
V: Yes. I am proud of it.
AF: So what words are okay, and what words don’t you like?
V: I think it depends on how they are said. If it is said in passion or fun, like hey you little whore, you know what I mean? That is cool with me.
AF: If you can write, cast and star in a scene, describe it for me.
That’s hard. I would definitely do a vignette. It would be either a Marie Antoinette era or an old style gangster movie. I would cast my closest friends.
AF: Do you have a message for your fans?
V: Thank you very much for being loyal to me all these years. I appreciate all of them. Keep watching me, and if you ever see me, come up and say hi. I am really friendly. You are always welcome.

Interview By Cindi Loftus [email protected]
Cover Photo & Photos Courtesy of Hustler
©2009 Xcitement Magazine

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