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Veronique Vega Listed On

VidStar emails:

Hi Luke,

I just read your post about Audrey Bitoni escorting for the Eros Agency. You mentioned that the news was “shocking” — Not sure if you were being facetious when you said “call me naive, but I’ve always preferred to regard porn stars as actresses rather than as hookers.”

A reader named Moxie even commented: “With a slowdown rumored, it will be shocking if any porn girls aren’t secretly escorting this summer.”

Well, apparently Moxie was right.

Did a quick look at Bella Models this morning and was surprised to find several newer, young stars listed there — Including Audrey Bitoni, Richelle Ryan, and Veronique Vega who is listed for sale at $1,500 per hour. According to her agency website (Goldstar), Veronique Vega is only 19 years old.

I also found Aarielle Alexis (who is only 20) listed for sale on Eros Guide.

I understand that when older porn stars are “shot out”, they often sink into the world of prostitution, usually because they’ve painted themselves into a corner and are trying to keep up with an expensive lifestyle. But the young girls like Audrey Bitoni and Veronique Vega? I can only guess they’re either desperate financially — or mentally.

My main question is, I wonder how their State-Licensed Talent Agents feel about this? Hooking clearly pushes the envelope when it comes to legalities:

California Code of Regulations, Title 8 Division 2. Employment Regulation and Supervision Part 6. Chapter 4. 1700.35 “Persons of Bad Character”

No talent agency shall knowingly permit any persons of bad character, prostitutes, gamblers, intoxicated persons, or procurers to frequent, or be employed in, the place of business or talent agency.

I asked Aarielle Alexis about this. She said she hadn’t done any escorting since entering porn and had asked that that page on her on be taken down.

Jack emails: “Surely you know that hooking & porn have a very long 2-way history. Even relative big stars like Janine Lindemulder, Julia Ann Tavella & “Tori Welles” [the latter 2 confirmed same to me without even my asking] escorted b4 they did porn, “Nina Hartley” gave me a very quizzical answer on that topic, her gf “Porsche Lynn” 98% almost came out & said so, and your supposed quasi ex-gf Kendra just gave Howard Stern a winky look & no answer when he asked. When you have a huge majority of XXX “actresses” with drug issues, mental health & PTSD issues & pimps & worse in a biz heavily infiltrated by numerous shady enterprises & a multitude of key actors with convictions & past jail time, what would you expect? Plus, if you would go inside of any of the parties you supposedly cover & talk to anyone inside you would trip over escort hangers on wannabe pornstars & the biz guys scoping them out as prospects. And no matter the relative youth & beauty of the names you drop, if they have drug problems, pimps & seriously messed up heads, escorting represents their least issue…”

Dick Fitz emails:

Luke, I laughed out loud when I read that response from Aarielle Alexis.

First off, porn stars who escort is a difficult subject to begin with. Most porn girls do privates on the side, whether they do it through an agency or on their own. And 99% of them who do it will deny it when asked. Why? In some lame attempt to save face, I suppose. They see porn as “glamorous” and escorting is “shameful.” They are proud of their DVD box covers and AVN Awards, but they don’t want friends, boyfriends, or family members knowing that they hook.

Therefore, they will do these privates secretly. (They prefer to call them “privates” because, let’s face it — “prostitution” is an ugly word.) They will sneak-off and disappear — sometimes for days — and tell the people close to them that they are “shooting” or “taking some time off” or they will make up some other lame excuse. They can be very crafty and manipulative. When caught, they will tell you that the escort websites posted their pics “without their permission”.

However, it makes no sense for these sites to do this. Using pictures of a girl they don’t have will only lose them valuable clients. If you were running a high-ticket escort agency, would you put up a listing for a girl you don’t have and risk losing clients to the competition? Would you put up a listing for a girl you had never met face-to-face and discussed business with?

No, you wouldn’t. And I don’t think these guys have done it either. Sites like Bella Models are known to be ‘legit’ — Not some typical ‘bait and switch’ scam, but rather ‘what you see is what you get.’

In the case of Veronique Vega, I believe the only thing Bella Models could be guilty of is illegally lifting her photos from Goldstar Modeling. However — I seriously doubt they went out and stole the images. More likely, they were provided by the person in question.

Veronique Vega emails: “I never have never worked with bella models and never will. those pictures were posted without my consent. quite illegal actually.. for an organization to claim i’m for sale by the hour. i’ve changed my number twice because of it. amazing. its quite a change of scenario when you take a camera away. i’m only speaking for myself. you either get that idea or you don’t. As far as bella models is concerned, i have twice emailed them to take those pictures down.. escorting is not my deal.”

Bella responds: “I have an employment application on file from her. I haven’t heard from her but I’ll gladly remove her.”

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