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“Very few individuals can submit nominations” – Erika “Sugar Cum” Icon

There are few people as evil as Erika Icon. The amount of shit she’s done to her own clients would boggle your mind. While I’m not gonna rehash it all in this post, you can click here and read till you pass out.

One of the major selling points to PR has always been awards. For some reason, girls think hiring a publicist will somehow guarantee them nominations. That’s bullshit.

Don’t believe me, go pull last years Nominee list, see how many DID NOT have a publicist…

People like Erika pray on the weak.

From Erika’s contract:

Clients who are current clients during the awards season will be submitted for nominations-this includes AVN, XBIZ, Inked, Fetish Con, Urban X, and XRCO Awards, along with other major awards shows. Very few individuals can submit nominations, but The Rub PR has the ability to do so. This doesn’t guarantee that you will be nominated and/or win an award or awards, but it definitely helps your chances.

Erika holds herself out as one of the “Very few individuals” who can submit award nominations. A total fucking lie. And who would brag about the Inked and Urban X Awards?

Most girls don’t understand how nominations work, and take Shrek at her word.

The truth is, just about anyone can submit award noms.The only real requirement is you be in the adult industry.

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