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Very Sad News- Aunt Peg Passed Away

NL-The picture above is from Wikipedia and was taken at the Free Speech Coalition Dinner, Night of the Stars on July 12, 2001. I was at that dinner. It was actually my first time ever in LA, and my first LA adult industry event. I met Miss Juliet that night after she received a LifeTime Achievement Award and flashed the crowd a little boob action. She will be missed.

UPDATE- A tribute written by a friend,  a recent unpublished e-mail with writing by “Aunt Peg” along with current pictures click here


BERKELEY—The body of Juliet Carr, better known by her adult career name Juliet Anderson, and even more frequently recognized as one of the characters she portrayed, “Aunt Peg,” was discovered this morning in her residence in Berkeley by a friend. The cause of death is not yet known, but the actress suffered for many years with Crohn’s disease, which had only recently been diagnosed, though she had suffered from it for most of her life.

“I found her in her bed,” said her friend Kevin Fong, who became close to the actress over the last 18 months. “She looked like she was just asleep. There were no empty pill bottles, nothing out of the ordinary. There wasn’t any alcohol; her wrists weren’t slit; nothing.”

This is the beginning of the story written by Mark Kernes on Go read the rest here

You can read about Miss Juliet’s life on her site here

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