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Vicki Vette’s 10 New Years Rez for the Adult Industry

Top Ten New Years Resolutions I Would Make For the Adult Industry

from her blog

Ok, who am I to talk… I am a willing participant and staunch supporter of the adult industry and the industry does an awesome job with self regulation.  Free Speech & the First Amendment are incredible and awesome tools but also abused.  As some of you are aware, I also think we have moral and ethical standards – codes of conduct which perhaps we should take a closer look at.  So, I put together this list.  I had an awesome 2008 which saw me win Booble Girl of the Year and get nominated by XBiz for WebStarlet of the Year so wtf…. these are some things I would suggest as resolutions for the New Year…. some of which are tongue in cheek… some not.

10.  No more preggo pornography in adult.  I will do a full blog on this at some point but sorry….. I understand the legal right, and perhaps the need of a mother in need for cash desperate to make a buck, but I just think sex for cash while pregnant is WRONG!  Is everyone forgetting that the baby is going to grow up one day?  I can hear the conversation around the dinner table one day…”Hey mom! I performed with you!”

9.  No more teen porn where the girls look 10.  I blogged about this extensively with you guys.  Yes it is legal, yes it may be fantasy.  I still stay that putting out pictures for public consumption of girls that look 10 for guys who are 50 to ‘enjoy’ is WRONG

8.  No awards to stars who desperately try to cross over into mainstream acting!  What is that all about?  It has become fashionable to try and leave the industry that made you famous and paid for your leased porche…. so much so that the industry now has ‘cross over star of the year’….. like getting on Inside Edition or getting a bit part in a Horror Movie is earth shattering.    I like adult.  I like adult movies.  I am not looking to shoot the next CSI (unless Grissom asks me to play a rotting decaptitated corpse).  So I say no awards for TRYING TO GET OUT of the business. 

7.  No more european adult movies where the guys sound like James Bond rejects.  I was not sure about this one when I was working on my list… some of the action is HOT because the girls are HOT.  But when ‘Ivan’ or ‘Igor’ opens his mouth….. it just loses it for me.

6.  No more adult where it resembles an episode of Fear Factor.  I got this one from one of my bloggers.  Yes, there are only so many male genitalia that can fit in a woman’s private parts (well for most women).  I will NOT be trying out for the adult version of Fear Factor anytime soon. 

5.  Less tattoos on guys that look like Figi tribal warrior bands…. you are NOT from figi or some island discovered by Captain Cook, did not have the same ancestors as anyone born in Tibet, and jeez…. whatever happened to tattoos that just said “I love my Mom”?  If you are going to get a tattoo make sure it at least says ‘I love Vicky Vette’ or something that I can understand without resorting to a book about the ancient history of Pagan rituals.
4.  No more Tube Sites supported by any adult companies!  Yes, a lot of you know these sites and frequent them.  Some of them are supported by adult companies seeking your traffic.  I will blog in greater detail about this.  Yes, you can get tons of free stuff but they are doing immeasurable damage to the adult industry such as……
– allowing minors to watch adult,
– making it hard for a lot of companies and performers to make a living from shooting, editing, and selling what they produce
– presenting adult in an inferior format
– making a generation of surfers think that performers like myself simply are willing to give away what we do for free.  Your dentist doesn’t do your teeth for free, your mechanic doesn’t fix your car for free, why assume I do what I do for free?

3.  Adult companies start shooting only girls 21 or over.  I blogged about this before.  I stand by it.  The internet is not forgiving.  Shoot at 18 and it stays with you for life… like a tattoo but worse.  Adult may seem like a blast at 18 but you have no idea what you are getting into until it is too late.  It can lead to things you do not like and change your life forever.  At least at 21 you have had a chance to explore schooling and other jobs before taking the plunge.

2.   A required counseling session with a licensed professional for anyone before they get into the adult industry.  The industry requires testing for diseases regularly for AIDS etc.  I would like to see a counseling session with a licensed professional be added to the conditions for all performers when they go for their first test.  Yes, there are profound issues with your future when you shoot adult material.  It would be great if everyone was required to have a short session with a human being to learn the pitfalls before shooting a gangbang.

1.   For the adult industry to STOP overshooting and saturating the internet and destroying the futures of up and coming adult stars.  I am seeing over and over and over again….. the industry is destroying careers of young stars by getting them to shoot as much as possible as quickly as possible and then glutting the marketplace with their images and content. The industry is going the route of the recording industry….. one hit wonders.  The girls are making less and less money.  The work is getting more difficult and the marketplace is getting glutted to such an extent that no one gives a damn what is coming out when and where.  There are rarely ‘events’ and websites simply do not last. More on this in coming blogs but I think the industry is killing itself by killing the potential of stars.  Part of this is the dramatic increase of the net and the demise of ‘boxcover’ movies.  The ‘throw it all up against the wall and see if it sticks’ mentality simply does not work.  By giving the general public unlimited gigs of movies with little concern for direction, quality or inventiveness… the consumer… ie YOU…. is getting BORING porn…. the same thing, over and over and over again.   I understand the desire to supersize everything in our culture but it is slowly destroying and overwhelming the consumer.  Sometimes less is more… even in adult.

As always.. the above is for discussion and you guys sometimes change my mind so fire away.  Shoot me down.

Beam me up Scotty
Vicky Vette

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