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Vicky Vette is Retiring….. at 75!


I get this question quite a bit….. and I read stories all the time about girls ‘retiring’ from the adult industry when they are 23 (where do they all go…. a porn retirement community?). 

Since I have no plans to retire and love doing what I do for a living…. I was overjoyed to see the story of 74 – yes a 74 year old pornstar, Shigeo Tokuda in Japan.  Yes, this 74 year old is still going strong, getting some action, and a fine example of longevity in the adult business that one can only aspire to follow. 
According to the story the 74 year old stud is quoted on the net as saying: “Lately I’m also starring as the main actor in a porn series set in
a senior-care home. The girl that I’m costarring with might play my
son’s wife, a daughter of a relative that I happen to be looking after,
or a helper at one of the care homes.”

Apparently Shigeo’s new found fame all began at the ripe old age of 54 (people told me I was nuts to start at 37!) when Shigeo wanted to buy a porn but was embarassed to purchase it at an adult store.  He went to the production company to get the video and became friends with the
director (note to all aspiring adult actors…. go to the source for your big break!_  Shigeo has since performed in over 250 adult films during his over 14 years in the porn film industry.

So there…… age is just a number!  74 is the new 44!  No word in the story whether Shigeo needs any peformance enhancers to ‘act’ in his movies, but, frankly – who cares.  When most men at that age are content to watch Dancing with the Stars, check Sportscenter and then go to bed, Shigeo gets up…goes to bed.  Don’t know if the expression ‘growing old gracefully’ applies to Shigeo but the man is a legend in my book – besides he looks like a legend and is not even dead! 
Beam me up Scotty! The old people are having sex….

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