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Vicky Vette Responds to a Hater

Vicky Writes-


Social Networking is not easy.  I am lucky to have over 63,000 friends on myspace who for the most part are friendly, nice, easy going and polite.  I try to respond as much as I can.  No I do not respond to everything.  I miss messages everyday – just from the sheer deluge of mail …. and especially when I get messages like ‘wazzup’ or ‘wot iz up wif u’.  But by and large, over the years hopefully you know I care about my fans and friends and what you guys have to say.  Sooooooo, after having a lovely night going to see District 9 (no I am not going to spoil the ending), I did a quick perusal of my inbox and found this gem from Jay Roy Sims:

I quote:

“ur a whore”

This is not the first time someone has used this gem.  I don’t particularly like insults so I  decided to write back.  Grammatically I would have preferred the use of ‘you are a whore’ but that would be splitting hairs.  I could also have debated the term ‘whore’ since I do not escort and I happen to think that performing on camera for the enjoyment of other like minded people around the world does not necessarily mean ‘whore’ is appropriate.  I decided to retort to Mr. Sims’ introductory sentence…. and engaged him with ….

“and your point is?”

Mr Sims, who page reveals he is the writer of “Let’s Go To the Races”, Blogs such as ‘If Assholes Had Jobs’ and whose hero is Hank Williams – wrote me the following back:

“That ur a braindead, two-bit, stuck-up airhead model tramp whore whos pussy oughta b knife-ripped and who only cares  about herself and receiving praise”

I started writing a response to Mr. Sims but I had already been deleted as a friend. 

I lay out this message exchange not to get a bunch of ‘hey Vicky… you are amazing comments.’  I lay it out as an example that some people STILL think it is ok to take shots at women – that they have a license to say whatever they want and whenever they want about adult stars…. just because we have sex on camera. 

Don’t like adult? Fine….
Don’t like women having sex on camera? No problem….
Don’t believe I should take my bra off for a living? That is your right….


But, think it is ok to tell a women that her ‘pussy oughta be knife-ripped’?  In some places you might be considered a danger to society for making such a statement and put away.  Oh, I forgot, I am adult star….. so it is ok to send that kind of mail…….right? 

I subscribe to the theory that years of pop culture repeatedly using phrases such as ‘whore’ and ‘bitch’ in reference to women is NOT helping our society.  If you use those phrases at least try to make sure they are welcomed by the women that you are around.  Just my two cents of course and you are welcome to disagree since I am just a blonde from Norway hacking out a living on the net.  I think that once these terms become commonplace, that use of violent phrases like Mr. Sims’ will ultimately become more common.

Anyway…. the next time you guys send some mail and Vicky Vette doesn’t feel up to opening it that day, blame folks like Mr. Sims who make social networking sometimes difficult.  Maybe it is time to go back to my Cop and Baton Picture…. the Orange Bra pic is bringing out the Devil in people!!!

Beam Me Up Scotty! Some of the Guys Down Here Are Angry and Hate Girls in Orange Bras!

Vicky Vette

PS…. don’t send Mr. Sims any hate mail from the Vette Nation. We are a peaceful group of folks here and besides, he is busy looking for gainful employment.

NL- See more of Vicky at her site

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