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Vicky Vette says NO TEEN websites

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So I was sitting down with my newspaper today, and read this disturbing story of a former youth minister and local magician indicted for taking videos of boys — some as young as 4 years old — while they were using public rest rooms.  Known as “Magic Jeff” when he performed his popular magic act at amusement parks, local hospitals and schools, the man performed at American Adventures amusement park in Marietta, where he was employed as a magician and served as youth minister for a Church.  According to the charges, two boys, aged 5 and 7 were approached in the bathroom of a Target store.  The man is accused of pulling down the pants of the 7-year-old to tuck in his shirt. .The 5-year-old said the man was standing behind him while he was using the rest room. The child reported hearing clicking noises, like pictures were being taken.  When police searched the man’s home, they found six videos on his computer showing young boys, between the ages of 4 and 8, using the rest room, according to the complaint.

So why do I bring up this sad, pathetic, troubling story?  Last night I was sent a website to potentially advertise my own adult material and found a glut of pictures and images of people who were dressed up to look dramatically younger than 18.  It really bothered me at the time and wrote a note to a friend saying how the adult industry is partially to blame for creeps seeking out child material.  When I read the story today, it occurs to me that I should blog about it.

I urge all of you that watch adult material…. stay away from any ‘teen’ orientated sites.  Does it not occur to you that while all of the models are purportedly over the age of 18 that they are being dressed up that way for a reason – to get sales from the adult buying public attracted to girls who look under the age of 18?  The adult industry knows exactly what it is doing when it dresses up an 18 year old girl to look 10.  Most of you know that I am against any girls doing adult until they are the age of 21 (to allow them a chance to do something with their life other than the permanent tattoo of adult when they first get out of high school). 

By dressing up 18 year olds as 10 year olds it not only denigrades the performers, but it appeals to the lowest common denominator.  Picture a 45 year old father at home (with two kids and a wife at home) getting his rocks off watching ‘adult’ teenage movies and pics and then taking his own kids to school.  It is wrong in my book and encourages thoughts of perversion in the heads of a lot of people who otherwise would not have such thoughts. 

People will be shocked and throw stones at the guy in the news story above.  He will be treated as scum in prison and, if he makes it through, treated as a sex offender for the rest of his life.  Me, I think that most in society who commit such a crime should have the book thrown at them but I also think anything which encourages such behavior should be off limits.  I guarantee you that if you type in the words teen, young, naked, girls, under 18, in your browser, you would be shocked by what you can legally obtain.  Don’t support it – don’t watch it.  Does it really turn you on to see an 18 year old ‘teen’ dressed up to look 10? 

Just my rant….. add this to my top 10 list of things I do not like about my own industry.

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