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Vicky Vette Sues Rapidshare

NL- I love outspoken women who stand up for themselves. You Go Vicky!~

Adult superstar Vicky Vette announces today that she has filed a lawsuit against Rapidshare in Los Angeles County.   Vicky Vette is the first major star in the adult entertainment business to file a lawsuit against Rapidshare for repeatedly allowing her content to be uploaded and given away for free to surfers.  Vette has received numerous accolades in the adult business including an AVN, Booble Girl of the Year and runner up in the recent Miss Freeones contest.  She runs the Vette Nation Network of websites for stars such as Sunny Lane, Deauxma, Sara Jay and others.

Vicky Vette is quoted as saying:

“The adult industry has complained bitterly about torrent sites and file sharing sites like Rapidshare destroying the business, but for some reason no one has stepped up to the plate and done anything about it. Instead of whining, I decided to put my money where my mouth is, and retained an
attorney to sue them.  I have lots of popular exclusive content like my ‘Lavatory Occupied’ series that is repeatedly available on Rapidshare for download without my permission.  After months of sending one cease and desist after another demanding them to take my content down and warning that
I was going to sue, I have decided to finally take legal action. Rapidshare promised me they would “filter” their content, but I just found ‘Lavatory Occupied’… once again… sitting on their servers and free to the world. I think it must be deliberate, or they just don’t care. They seem to feel they are immune to action. 

I have no idea if I am going to win or lose but this industry has to step up and do something.  I am not going to sit back and let another company steal my content and make money from it without a fight.  Anytime I mention this to other people in the business I am shocked that they shrug their shoulders and seem resigned to the STEALING that is going on.  Rapidshare is nothing more than a Napster of porn.  Napster was forced to comply with the law after being sued.  I am hoping to set an example.  Just because my content is adult does not mean that it is not worthy of protection. It costs me money to make it and it is valuable to me. Just a couple of months ago a comic book publishing consortium got an injunction for similar infringing behavior against Rapidshare.  I figured that it was a great time to strike.

If you have been the victim of similar theft and want to perhaps join forces in suing Rapidshare email me at [email protected] and I will gladly put you in contact with my attorney.  I understand another prominent company may be jumping on the bandwagon and I am happy to lead the assault.”

Vicky Vette’s original blog on the subject can be viewed here.

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