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Vicky Vette- Wat up Wif u?

 Just Did a Bad Thing…..

by Vicky Vette from her blog

You know, I don’t delete anyone….. hardly anyone.  I am a believer in free speech, but as I have blogged before, I question what the instant messaging, hip hop loving, mtv generation is doing to our skills of communication.  I am 43, not 18.  So when I get a message saying:

“Wotz Up Wif U, N Ho r u Doin, Sexxxxy!”

I usually roll my eyes, ignore the message and go about responding to the messages that have a degree of intelligence.  Today, however I must not have had enough coffee to put me in a good mood.  One after another today…..

First message… “wazzup!”
Second message… “I wanna have sex wif u doll”
Third message….”hey… wats up sexy”
Fourth message… “hey…wat up!”

I get frustrated with anyone who sends messages like this – nothing more just that. 

1.  How am I supposed to respond…. ‘wonderful, wot iz up wif u. sweetie?’ and wait with baited breath?;
2.  Not respond at all and be deemed a high and mighty princess;
3.  Respond with more words spelled and punctuated while risking the reader failing to understand something not sent in gibberish?

Yes, even though I have smashing fun with sex on camera – I kind of come from an era (that makes me sound ancient) where people say things like “Hi, there, my name is ****, it is nice to meet you, I love your photos and just wanted to say hello.”  I have blogged about this before.  It is NOT necessary to write things, like “My fair maiden, Princess Vicky, you are a vision of splendid beauty and I find you incredibly pleasing to each of my eye balls (yes eye balls), and I would be frightfully pleased if you would kindly write me back” – although such an introduction is quite awesome and thought out!  All I am saying is to anyone trying to communicate on myspace or elsewhere in life – YOU SCORE NO BROWNIE POINTS TRYING TO WRITE WORSE THAN A  4th GRADER!

So………….. what was my transgression today? When I get a Wassup! Wot’s Up! Wat’s Up Sexy?  Wazzup wif u!  I used to reply “Can’t you do any better than that sweetie, it takes a long time to respond to messages on Myspace and I would really appreciate it if you would say more.”  Today – I did a bad thing.  I HIT THE DELETE FRIEND BUTTON.

Whoever you are, message 4.  I am frightfully sorry to have caused you any undue stress in your life.  The loss of of friendship is causing me to cringe with guilt and despair.  I have lost your friendship and ‘wazzup’ forever ad I feel lonely, afraid and ridden with remorse.  If you read this, message 4, please forgive me, and send me another friend request? Wots wrong wif me?!


Thanks for letting me get that off my chest……

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