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Vicky Vette’s PR Strikes Again, on CNN


A tweet from Adult Star Vicky Vette ( landed her on CNN and front page of recently after one her raunchy tweets was mistakenly aired by CNN News during a story about the recent payroll tax crisis facing America.  As detailed in the Funny or Die piece,, CNN was examining the Whitehouse’s use of twitter hashtags to drive home the point that average Americans would miss the #40dollars in their paychecks if the payroll tax compromise was not reached.  Vette’s humorous tweet that if all of her followers gave her’#40dollars’ she would give them all oral sex was one of the most popular tweets on the subject and mistakenly aired by CNN to its’ viewers – evidently much to the joy of FunnyorDie who ran with the story for its the readers on the front page of its website for five days – 92% of whom thought it was funny.
Vicky Vette is quoted as saying: “You can’t plan stuff like that. I fool around with hash tags on twitter to keep it fun for followers.  To end up on CNN & FunnyorDie is pretty cool.  I’m just relieved that people who read the FunnyorDie piece thought it was funny too. It would have sucked if they had voted to ‘Die’.  I guess all my followers were in on the #40dollars joke… I have yet to get $40 bucks from anyone even though the payroll tax deal was reached. Let’s face it, the chances of me being on CNN unless I have sex with Charlie Sheen or run for governor are zero… so I’ll take it… he he. I’m just bummed my mother watches Fox News… she missed it.”
Vicky Vette one of the world’s best known pornstars who runs the Vette Nation Network

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