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Victim, prosecutors, speak at Jack Venice trial


Source from Darrah at Pornstarbabylon

She was just sleeping over with friends when she was sexually assaulted by a total stranger. That’s what a WSU student told a Whitman County jury Tuesday in the trial of a porn actor charged with raping her.

The victim, a 22-year-old student, took the stand late Tuesday afternoon and said she was sound asleep on the floor of the Theta sorority when she awoke to the sensation of someone touching her genitals.

She said that as soon as she came to she realized there were two strangers lying behind her and she says she knows Chris Reid was one of them.

In opening statements earlier on Tuesday prosecutors told the jury that Chris Reid, who works as a porn star under the pseudonym Jack Venice, was on a mission last fall to recruit Washington State University students for sex.

Reid has starred in a number of college-themed videos where the video centers on him picking up girls from local colleges for sex.

Prosecutor Denis Tracy says when Reid couldn’t find girls at local bars he went to Greek Row where he broke into several sororities and fraternities. He says Reid and Kyle Schott, a young man he met earlier that night in a Pullman bar, found what they were looking for at the Theta house.

The defense says that Reid is just a convenient scapegoat because he’s a porn actor, adding that the real criminal in the case is Kyle Schott. They claim that Schott is the real rapist and that Reid had parted with Schott earlier in the evening before the rape happened.

They further claim that Reid was in Pullman after a movie shoot in Seattle and was on his way to Vancouver, British Columbia and that he was only looking to party in Pullman and had no intention of filming a movie.

Schott has already pleaded guilty to 3rd Degree Rape and Burglary and is serving a 13 month prison sentence. He’s scheduled to testify against Reid later this week.

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