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Vigil Held for Camera of Death

Conky writes:

Concern was growing today for the well being of the infamous Camera of Death, after journalist, blogger, and Torah-wielding man about town, Luke Ford received a vicious and public ‘shaking’ from AVN’s Mike Albo. Ford is said to be recovering with friends following his harrowing ordeal. Ford, who was said to be “an inch away” from having his “ass kicked” by Albo, emerged unscathed, after industry heavyweight Rob Spallone leapt to his rescue.

Spallone, describing the incident on, referred to his good friend Ford as “that little cunt”.

Industry watchers were immediately put on high alert, however, when Spallone was heard to wonder whether Ford’s camera was damaged. The Camera of Death was unavailable for comment, although it did wink weakly at watchers and point to its new Speedlight flashgun as it left the scene. Fans of the Camera of Death have already begun to hold vigils outside several Los Angeles pawn shops, in case Ford attempts to replace the beloved piece of equipment.

At the time of writing, telegrams had already been received from Nikon, Canon and Olympus pledging their support in theory only, with no actual offerings of photographic equipment or basic lessons.

Glamor photographer Holly Randall was approached for comment, but unfortunately couldn’t stop laughing.

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