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Vince Vouyer- What a Sweet Heart!

The latest page of tweets off of the public Twitter page named VinceVouyer. Remember that they appear in backwards order, with the newest one first.

i pitty the next bitch that pulls that shit on me.. 

so dont show up and disrespect me after i invite you to make fucking money…


and leave the fuckin attitude or hooker mentality at the fuckin door before u come in..remember i booked u, you did not book me…

        i have bitten my tongue over these issues so many times… NO FUCKING MORE.. if u wanna be a fuckin pornstar bring ur fuck with you..

        part 5: if u ask me how many positions we are going to do at any point of the shoot you will be fired on the spot without pay….


reimburse me for make up!!!


part 4: if u make it thru makeup and u ask me what time we will be finished before we even start. u will be fired on the spot and u will ..


and u will be sent home without pay!!!


part 3: if u are on time and have proper wardrobe and go thru makeup and then tell me u are SORE u will pay makeup out of ur own pocket….


you will be sent home without pay!!!!        

Attention Female porn stars: if u arrive on time and show up with little to no wardrobe after me telling u specifically what to bring…


Attention female porn stars: if i book u for a shoot and u show up late u will have the rest of the day off without pay!

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