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Virginia Tech Murderer Hired An Escort

From WSLS Channel 10:

“I’m just so shaken by this, I don’t know what to say.”
Chastity Frye says she spent an hour, all alone, with Virginia Tech killer Cho Seung-Hui last month.

Frye said “He was so quiet, I really couldn’t get much from him, he was so distant, he really didn’t talk a lot. It seemed like he wasn’t all there.”

Frye works for an escort service. She says, Cho hired her, and the two met at a Valley View motel.

She says “I danced for a little while and I thought we were done because he got up and went to the restroom and began washing. And I said, ‘well, do you want me to go? I’m going to go ahead and go’. And he’s like, ‘I paid for the full hour, you’ve only been here for 15 minutes,’ and then he came back in the room. And I started dancing and that’s when he you know, touched me and tried to get on me and that’s when I pushed him away.”

Tim Case emails: “I think she’s denying that they had sex so they don’t arrest her for prostitution. How long till some porn company offers to fly her to L.A. for a scene?”

Joe writes: “If the escort really pushed Cho away, that might have been the last straw . . . getting rejected by an escort.”

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