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Virtual Reality is coming… RealTouch is just the beginning

NL- Remember the Holodeck on Star Trek? We are getting closer.. When that becomes do-able, virtual reality will take over the world, and we will all sit at home and “play” in the real world. lol

CHARLOTTE, NC – (October 2, 2012) – Users of RealTouch can now connect with a model, live over the internet, and feel her every move. The synchronization of touch, audio and video creates an immersive sensory experience previously only considered science fiction.
When connected, a model and a remote user share a traditional teleconference session with one-way video, two-way audio plus the breakthrough capability of one-way touch. Any form of bodily contact with the model’s “input device” is instantly felt by the user on his RealTouch device. Strokes, licks or any other form of touch are all transmitted across the Internet in real-time and reproduced on the receiving end to the user’s delight.
When asked to describe the experience, Madyson, a RealTouch Interactive featured model, said: “Words just don’t begin to describe the intensity of this experience. I heard about it, I read about it, but it wasn’t until I tried it for the first time that I became both giddy with excitement and turned on. I love that my date feels my touch instantly as if we were together.” She goes on to describe the reaction of early users, “All of the gents with whom I’ve been fortunate enough to have a RealTouch Interactive date all say the same thing: it’s simply amazing! They can hear, see and feel everything I’m doing with them in real time. It just doesn’t get any better!”
RealTouch Interactive’s input device uses capacitive sensing technology, similar to a smartphone’s touchscreen, which senses the location and movement of a model’s touch, then transmits it through the internet to the user. Whatever the model does is seen, heard and felt by the user. He experiences the velocity, tightness, and depth of motion, creating the most realistic live sexual experience yet.
RealTouch Interactive works with the existing RealTouch device for men. Consumers with a RealTouch device can visit to meet models and arrange their first experience, or if they are new to RealTouch, they can visit to purchase a device and learn about the myriad of ways that it can be enjoyed. The RealTouch device is being offered at the promotional price of $199.95 for a limited time only to celebrate the launch of RealTouch Interactive.
About RealTouch and RealTouch Interactive: RealTouch is a technology that creates immersive sensory experiences, and was first used to allow men to feel the action of their favorite adult movies. RealTouch Interactive extends this capability, beyond just recall, to a shared live experience. Men can now feel the touch of a model, integrated in real-time, as part of a telepresence experience. The system is a product of Adult Entertainment Broadcast Network (AEBN), the world leader in adult Video On Demand distribution. Media Contact: email [email protected]

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