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Vivid Cabaret NY Girls Model Bikinis–photos

Vivid Cabaret, the upscale midtown Manhattan gentleman’s club known for its seemingly unlimited supply of stunning topless dancers who climb the city’s tallest stripper pole (26 foot), will hold “Beach Week” parties April 16 – 20th at the three-story club.

“Here’s a sneak peek at some of the bikinis we will be wearing—and taking off,” purred Vivid Cabaret girl Miranda.

“I can’t wait for Beach Week,” cooed Vivid Cabaret New York Girl Lindsay. “There will be so many sexy girls in skimpy bikinis performing lap dances and putting smiles on everyone’s faces.”

Vivid Cabaret is the New York home of the world famous Vivid Adult Movie Stars and the sister club to Rick’s Cabaret NYC, which is located just four blocks away. Vivid Cabaret NYC has been receiving rave reviews for its beautiful exotic dancers, cutting edge decor, and the staff’s warm hospitality.

Vivid Cabaret New York

61 West 37th Street

*** Over 100 Entertainers Daily

*** Deluxe Suites

*** VIP Ultra Lounge

*** 26 Foot Tall Stripper Pole

*** Roof Top Garden and Smoking Lounge

*** Now Open for Lunch

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