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Vivid Has The Carrie Prejean SEX tape….


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In May Vivid made its first offer to Prejean of $1-million to make a movie with the company after her controversy with the Miss USA Pageant. Last week, the studio renewed its offer based on the discovery of her sex footage.

 We don’t know yet if she is involved in the deal, because a third party brought the tape to Vivid. But money talks and Carrie’s “holier than thou”  bullshit will probably walk, all the way to the bank.

 Steve Hirsch says  “The footage we saw is a series of very graphic and hot clips,” said Hirsch. “Let’s just say that she appears to be totally enthusiastic and is thoroughly enjoying herself. Carrie says the tape was ‘the biggest mistake of my life.’ That may be, but she can take this mistake and turn it into cold, hard cash. I’m more convinced than ever that this could be our best-selling Vivid-Celeb tape.”

( Vivid is famous for purchasing and selling sex tapes made by celebrites such as Pam Anderson & Tommy Lee,  Jimi Hendrix, Kim Kardasian, Vince Neil)

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