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Annie Cruz, one of Vivid Radio’s leading hosts, will post her interview with top Chaturbate broadcaster Veronika Rose on, Thursday, May 18. is the world’s most popular free, live cam site.

Annie, a former adult star, feature dancer and dating coach, has her own weekly show, The Dirtiest Girl in the World on Vivid Radio and writes monthly for the hip-hop site about the many interesting and talented people she meets for her #ThirstTrapThursday feature.

Veronica Rose

The curvy Veronika is an award-winning, auburn-haired beauty. She talks openly to Annie about everything from how she got into camming to what a guy can do to impress her. Veronika also reveals what she likes best about camming, her funniest experience and what she does in her spare time.

Veronika says she had been camming for about three months when her clients started telling her about Chaturbate. Their reviews of the site impressed her so much she signed up as a performer. “I loved it immediately, especially the apps and bots,” Veronika says. “They make things so much easier. And the clients are very friendly and easy to work with.”

She was camming with her friend Lily one night and holding a full glass of soda when she tripped, face-planted on camera and spilled soda all over herself. “Lily and I couldn’t stop laughing and our fans thought it was hilarious,” she says and admits it was just one of many funny escapades she’s had on Chaturbate.

She adds, “I have a big heart and I am also very sweet, funny and sensitive. I’ve been into fairies and dragons since I was a kid. I used to live close to the woods back in Germany and I would go into the forest to play fairies and dragons with my friends. Fairy tales, witchcraft and the supernatural have always been my thing. Oh, and I’ll do anything for family and friends.”

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