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Vivid Sues Websites for Copyright Infringement… (MILLIONS $$$ !)

NL- Good for Vivid! I was actually quite surprised when I looked at and saw all the famous mainstream female stars on there NAKED, like Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan, Paris Hilton etc… (NSFW!) There is a sex tape area, and while I’m not sure what belongs to Vivid or doesn’t, I’m guessing that is where part of the problem might be. It’s hard to tell from the teaser pages, but there are trailers playing sex tapes on the main pages and the Vivid content  also might be inside the membership area.



LOS ANGELES – (September 14, 2010) – Vivid Entertainment, LLC., the world’s leading adult film studio, has filed a lawsuit against I.C.G. – Internet Commerce Group Inc. of Phoenix, claiming copyright infringement.
The lawsuit was filed in the Federal Court of the Central District of California on September 10, 2010.  It claims that I.C.G. has engaged in exploiting unlicensed videos for profit through its operation of three web sites,, and
The lawsuit seeks an injunction and damages of $150,000 per copyright violation for a minimum of 10 violations.
Vivid Entertainment claims that I.C.G. owns and operates subscription-based Internet websites that make money from performing and distributing Vivid’s protected videos to its members.
“This is the first of many lawsuits we are prepared to file and we expect to prevail in all of them.  We spend millions of dollars to promote our content and we’re not going to let illegal users profit at our expense,” said Vivid Entertainment co-chairman Steven Hirsch.

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